Wemax Go – Thinnest ALPD Smart Laser Projector

Wemax Go – Thinnest ALPD Smart Laser Projector | 1″ Thick| Smart OS| HDR 4K Support| Auto Keystone| 120″ Display| Built-in Battery| Full Connectivity




Did you ever get tired of the dimpoor-quality home projector of yours that doesn’t provide a great viewing experience? Ever get frustrated with how bulky they are that you have a hard time having to reconfigure after moving them? Not to mention how messy those tangled cables get, right? Maybe it’s time to BEAM INTO THE FUTURE! Introducing the Wemax Go Advanced, the Thinnest  ALPD® Smart Laser Projector


Wemax Go Advanced is an ultra-thin projector featuring the patented ALPD® Laser Technology. Featuring a bright 600 ANSI Lumens, Double-Bright Display, Roku, 102% Rec.709 Color Gamut & built-in Wi-FiSmartOS System, and a 25,000hr laser life. All this in a pocket-sized projector that is less than 1 inch thick! Get ready for the most crystal-clear movie theater experience and the most epic gaming fun you’ll ever have on the Go!







(How We Setup an Outdoor Movie Theater Quickly with Wemax Go Advanced)
Third-Party Review Of Wemax Go
(Device: Wemax Go, Wemax 40” Screen)

Testimonial from Professor Jussi Ängeslevä about Wemax Go

Third-Party Comparison Video of Wemax Go Advanced by Nerdbench

Third-Party Comparison Video of Wemax Go Advanced by DLM Life

Wemax Go Advanced VS XGIMI Mogo Pro
Wemax Go Advanced VS Picopix Max

Wemax Go Advanced VS Wemax Go

How To Wirelessly Play Games On Wemax Go Advanced
(Device: Wemax Go Advanced, Wemax 50” Advanced ALR Screen)
How to Watch a Movie with Wemax Go Advanced (Completely Wireless)
(Device: Wemax Go Advanced, Wemax 50” Advanced ALR Screen)
How to Catch a Moon with Wemax Go Advanced
(Device: Wemax Go Advanced, Wemax 50” Advanced ALR Screen)



This is the first time that a cinema-grade ALPD® Laser has been miniaturized into an ultra-portable projector that fits in your pocket. Wemax Go Advanced is small yet powerful.


ALPD® is a world-class Phosphor Laser Technology capable of producing exceptionally energy-efficient and bright projected images with a wide color gamut. More than 23,000 High-end theater halls have adopted ALPD® Laser Technology.


sourceWemax Go Advanced offers 200% more brighter than other projectors of the same size. NEVER be afraid of light during the daytime anymore! Even without blackout curtains, you can immerse yourself in your favorite shows, games or shows during broad daylight.


With 600 ANSI Lumens of brightness, you can now bring the same level of cinematic viewing experience to your home. What is ANSI Lumens you might ask? Check out the differences between ANSI Lumens, LED Lumens & Light Source Lumens.




Get ready for an astonishing viewing experience with a 120-inch screen whether you are at home or on the go!  Enjoy incredible details and cinema-grade projection, all from the pocket-size Wemax Go Advanced!source



Featuring industry-leading Texas Instruments DLP chips, the Wemax Go Advanced projects unblemished details and true 1080p FHD Resolution. It provides a sharp and crisp image that comes with 16.7 million distinct colors. Whether you are gaming, watching movies, or simply sharing your screen when presenting, Wemax Go Advanced is your go-to option!

Sharing a PowerPoint Using Wemax Go
(Device: Wemax Go, Wemax Tripod, Wemax 50” Advanced ALR Screen)


Being less than 1-inch thick, and only 1.72 lbs, the Wemax Go Advanced is your ultimate portable projector for you to take wherever you go! Whether you are in the office, camping, out and about, or even in your car! Wemax Go Advanced brings you entertainment every step of the way!




Having trouble sharing pictures or files on the big screen with friends or colleagues? Wemax Go Advanced is here to provide the solution. You can now watch movies, share files, play games, or video-chat on a bigger screen as long as you have your phone with you. Wemax Go Advanced is truly the Best Pal For Your Smartphone.

How to Watch a Movie with Smartphone(Mirror Cast) and Wemax Go
(Device: Wemax Go, Wemax Tripod, Wemax 50” Advanced ALR Screen)



Wemax Go delivers 102% Rec. 709 in a small pocket size that meets a higher level of color accuracy, raising the bar on color reproduction in a never-before-possible size.



What makes Wemax Go Advanced really different is that it can be powered simply by a power bank! When it is connected to a power bank, you can do a movie marathon, which makes it extremely convenient when you are out and about! No proprietary adapter is needed!

Power Wemax Go Using Power Bank
(Device: Wemax Go, 12,000mAh Power Bank)

Surprisingly, Wemax Go Series brings a Type-C Port that supports an external power bank to charge at any time. An adapter is not the only option for you anymore! You can have everything you need to get all your entertainment connected without breaking a sweat! With an HDMI port, built-in Wi-Fi, USB, and a Type-C port, this is an ultra-convenient device!



Protect your eye away from direct light that may beam into your cornea. ALPD® laser light reflects off projector screen rather than beamed directly into your eyes, sharply reducing eye fatigue in comparison to a TV.



Wemax Advanced Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) screen is specifically designed for the Wemax laser projectors, it is 1.1 times brighter and it can reject 85% of ambient light coming from the environment, enhancing the color saturation of the projected images and contrast. The Advanced ALR Screen is your best go-to option!



(Device: Wemax Go, Wemax Tripod, Wemax 50” Advanced ALR Screen)
Thanks to Wemax Go Advanced’s built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth module, you never have to worry about tangled cables and messy table setup anymore! Don’t settle for less, your viewing experience doesn’t have to compromise on a messy table! It can still be sleek!

The Wemax Go Advanced features a SmartOS System. You can now access any content you love on YouTube, Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Disney+, and more apps through third-party stores.



Get a rectangle image in seconds via side projection from different angle of the projector you place.




Place Wemax Go Advanced at any angle, the 4-Point Keystone Correction will adjust the project screen vertically and horizontally



Auto Focus helps you automatically adjust the focus within seconds, but the projected image is always crystal-clear and bright.




Any objects in the projection area will be detected and automatically scales the image to avoid it within seconds.




Automatically match the projected image with your screen without manual adjusting with hands free.



Wemax offers 2 different sizes of screen, the Wemax 50” Advanced ALR Screen offers you 1.1 Gain brightness, and it can reject 85% of ambient light coming from the environment. 

Tons of accessories!

Unboxing Wemax Go
(Device: Wemax Go, Wemax Tripod)
Secret Perks for Accessories:

Backpack – $15: Buy here>>>

Tripod – $19: Support here>>>

120-inch Folding Scree – $19: Support here>>>

Safe Cover – $19: Support here>>>

Bluetooth Speaker – $25: Support here>>>

20,000 mAh Power Bank – $49: Support here>>>

40-inch Portable Screen – $59: Support here>>>

50-inch ALR Screen – $199: Support here>>>


Compared to other portable projectors on the market, Wemax Go & Wemax Go Advanced have better specs, smaller sizes, better quality, and better prices!


Here is also a side-by-side comparison from Wemax Go to Wemax Go Advanced!


Every detail, no matter how small it is, receives our full attention!











Wemax is the brand of Ampula, lnc., which is a US-based Smart IOT company since 2020. In order to bring Artificial Intelligent into people’s daily life, we partnered with Appotronics to invent Wemax Go, which is the world’s thinnest ALPD laser projector with the combination of ALPD laser power and compact slim design.

As a startup company, most of our R&D team members are from TP-Link and Google, typical Silicon Valley nerds actually. To be honest, we have no idea about marketing and branding, until we have a China-located marketing team this year.

About Our Product

Wemax Go series is not our first product, we have already sold Wemax Nova 4K UHD Short-throw Laser Projector and Wemax Dice Smart LED Projector on Amazon for over a year with a high reputation. Wemax wins the customers’ love with quality products and services.

Wemax Go is really a breakthrough work of art. This is the first time we have shrunk the BIG bulky laser projector to become sleek and small. We spent years programming the algorithm and testing multiple DLP solutions. At last, we chose to use the most advanced laser solution provided by Appotronics – ALPD laser, which brings a better visual experience than any other projector on the market.

About Our Culture

There is another thing Wemax will guarantee for good that we would NEVER provide fake lumens to mislead our customers. All lumens are ANSI lumens, tested by authorized third-party agencies, not LED or light sources. That should be the bottom line of all projector companies. However, few of our competitors can refute the benefits it has brought online. Reliability is the personality in our viens, don’t bedevil is the basic value for Wemax Team.

We don’t have much budget to promote this campaign, but we want to connect a long-term relationship with our end-users. That’s the reason why we build an online community members.wemax.com to specifically listen to your comments and suggestions. We will read and reply to all comments and posts and try our best to deliver solutions to your specific needs.

If you see this campaign, don’t doubt its authenticity, that’s a real projector we had already invented. Support us today and share this campaign with more friends. Let’s bring this smart ultra-portable laser projector into everyone’s life

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