What Is The Best Anti Snoring Device On The Market

Snore Circle Snore Earset E4 Anti-snoring Device | This is an upgraded version base on 300,000 users bring you a more comfortable and quiet sleep.

How Snore Circle works



Snoring occurs when air passes through narrowed airways, causing the uvula and surrounding tissue to vibrate as you breathe.



The Snore cirecle detects snoring and physically intervenes with micro vibrations that cause the muscles of the throat to contract, allowing you to breathe smoothly.

The first 100 buyers will receive EZ Sleep 




EZ Sleep features:

  • 3D contoured design, with no pressure on the eyes
  • Fitted nose baffle design blocks out all light
  • High-quality nylon/polyurethane foam for ultimate comfort
  • Elastic strap design
  • 8 easily adjustable buckles for a custom fit








Snore Earset E4 is a physical anti-snoring device developed based on the principle of snoring. It monitors snoring through an intelligent snore recognition system, and uses a patented anti-snoring algorithm to accurately determine the snoring index of users. Upon detecting snoring, Snore Earset E4 physically intervenes with micro vibrations, which drive the nerve center of the brain to send out commands to tighten the muscles of the throat, thereby opening the airway to make breathing smoother. Snoring is therefore significantly reduced or completely stopped, all while ensuring undisturbed sleep.


The free Sleeplus app monitors your sleep and allows you to view relevant sleep data, including snore data, intervention data, and sleep analysis reports.


Kick-start your journey towards healthy, peaceful sleep with the Snore Earset E4.




By combining the latest bone conduction technology and snore recognition technology with an innovative anti-snoring algorithm, the Snore Earset E4 can effectively and accurately determine the snoring index of each individual user.






Upon detecting snoring, the device automatically intervenes with micro vibrations (ranging from weak to strong). These vibrations stimulate the nerve center and drive the muscles of the throat to contract and open the airway, thereby maintaining smooth breathing, effectively stopping snoring, and improving sleep quality.


Smart physical intervention Changes to snoring after a period of use



The intensity of intervention can be adjusted through the Sleeplus app based on individual needs, with users able to choose from 36 levels of intervention.





After syncing data, you can view snore data, intervention data, and sleep analysis report via the Sleeplus app, and keep track of changes in your sleep patterns.



Snore stopper

After syncing your device data with the app, you can view your sleep data, snore data, and intervention data, and you can customize the intensity of vibration and snore sensitivity of the snore stopper.



The sleep aid function provides soothing music to help relax your mind and body and promote better sleep.



With the recording function, you can record your snoring and play it back at any time to compare the effects of using the snore stopper.




The ergonomic earhook design perfectly fits the shape of the ear, while the food grade silicone material ensures a secure and comfortable fit for long-term use.





step1: Place the device above the ear.

step2: Slide it down the outer ear to a comfortable position.






Our tests in respiratory departments across several hospitals in Shenzhen prove that the Snore Earset effectively stimulates the contraction of the muscles of the throat and opens the airway, thereby helping reduce snoring or the frequency of snoring. All test results are supported by relevant data.




Moreover, our proprietary anti-snoring algorithm has obtained patent certificates in both China and Japan.

About us


VVFLY Electronics Co,. LTD  is focused on people’s sleep quality. We assembled an experienced software and hardware development dream team with a goal to create an ultra first class hardware and software smart snore stopping device for people to effectively solve the snoring problems. 


Our purpose is to dare to innovate, pursue perfection, and strive for excellence. The first 3 generations of Snore Circle devices are widely recognized by the market and now we’re on our Snore Earset E4 3th plus generation Snore Circle with more intelligent operations and a better user experience. 




Our team

Snore Circle in the Media


What people say

Shipping & Refund Policy


When will the product be shipped?

The shipment will start at the end of August or early September. Your perk will be delivered to you through special line parcel or China Post from China. We will send you the tracking number via email when the units are shipped and you will be able to check the shipping status from thereon on your Indiegogo account. Note that the exact delivery time will vary depending on different country and the couriers. Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any questions!

What’s the refund policy?

According to Indiegogo’s policy, you can request a refund in your account at any time before the project ends. Feel free to follow the guide from Indiegogo: https://support.indiegogo.com/hc/en-us/articles…. After the project ends, we will lock the orders to prepare for shipment, the refund will be not allowed during the time of shipment. If you have any problems, please contact us through email.

What is the return and warranty policy?

We provide unconditional return within 30 days after receiving the product, and the warranty is 1 year! !

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