Whisper Sisters Cocktails & Provisions

Whisper Sisters Cocktails & Provisions | A cocktail driven, farm to table restaurant in Petaluma, CA

What is Whisper Sisters?

Whisper Sisters Cocktails & Provisions is a cocktail driven, farm to table restaurant in Petaluma, CA. Our dream is to create a space that embodies the Petaluma community spirit by striving to showcase our dynamic local creators and makers.

An open lounge concept with a variety of both intimate and communal arrangements will invite you to imbibe and stay a while. With a dynamic calendar of events Whisper Sisters will be an exciting and inclusive space that embodies our mission of being community focused. You may see events like Meet the Makers, Cocktails for a Cause, and Women in Industry; all of which we hope will bring our neighbors together. During prohibition, speakeasies were places where people of all walks of life could gather and Whisper Sisters were female proprietors of these underground spaces. Whisper Sisters were strong, inventive women and we hope to honor their history.

Whisper Sisters’ bar program will reflect the seasons by offering inventive cocktails and mocktails featuring shrubs, tinctures and bitters as well as local spirits. Having a deep respect for the classics you’ll be able to order your favorites as well. Because of Sonoma County’s position in an area rich in farms, ranches, orchards and vineyards the food will also draw upon the abundance of our region. This also allows us to curate an exciting list of local wine and beer. Once the doors are open and we are in full swing we’ll also be opening a coffee window with local pastries to start your day off right. The ever-evolving menu will offer something for everyone.  

Who We Are:

A family team, with over 35 years of industry experience between us, we have been given the opportunity of a lifetime to create our own concept.  Danielle Peters has been a familiar face in the Sonoma County community for over a decade. Her wealth of knowledge regarding spirits and their histories began at Trader Vic’s San Francisco. Her extensive resume includes Finnegan’s Novato and Sonoma County favorites such as HopMonk Tavern, Brewsters, and most recently at the helm as Bar Manager for The Drawing Board.  If ever in San Francisco you can find her signature Le Chat Noir on the cocktail menu at the Michelin starred Nico, where she rolled out their first cocktail program in their new location. Known by those she’s served as a kind soul with a passion for the story behind a spirit and a genuine intention to create an experience for every patron, Danielle will create an exciting and ever evolving cocktail program as the Beverage Director at Whisper Sisters.

Wendell Peters, Danielle’s older brother, is coming on board as the Front of House manager. Working in the front of house in restaurants from New York City to San Francisco, Wendell brings with him over 20 years of industry experience. He comes to the Petaluma community from Outerlands in San Francisco where he has been for almost 5 years, most recently in the role of Front of House Manager. Being a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies he brings a rich sense and understanding of community, psychology and social justice. His wealth of experience, keen eye for design, combined with his radiating warmth, Wendell is known to instill a sense of calm and belonging. Growing up in a family of strong women and storytellers, the narrative of Whisper Sisters is one he is proud to be a part of.

Erin Clossey, Danielle’s fiancé and longtime family friend of the Peters family (there’s a story there and they’d be glad to share it when you come in) will be coming in to manage Community Development as well as the back of house operations. While her roots in the industry started in the back of house, the past decade she has been in small business and corporate accounting and operations. Taking this business experience and applying it internally to Whisper Sisters will allow us to run the restaurant efficiently and fiscally sound. Erin’s passion for community and the industry is what truly brings her to this project and what excites her about being able to offer diverse opportunities for our guests. With her warm demeanor and Midwestern charm she’ll quickly find a place in your heart.

Why We Need Your Help:

We all had dreams of opening up our own brick and mortar together one day, we just weren’t expecting it to happen so soon! The opportunity to take over 190 Kentucky Street was a once in a lifetime offer we had to seize. While we’ve poured everything we have into bringing this concept together, we need your help to get across the finish line.

The funds raised from this campaign will allow us to upgrade equipment and some of the infrastructure such as adding a new service well in the bar to ensure the best service to our patrons. We will also be allocating some of these funds to invest in furnishings to build out our lounge concept which includes filling the space with mixed seating options such as sofas, lounge chairs and tables.

As our contributors we would love to send you some gifts to thank you for your help! Whisper Sisters schwag, classes, adventure kits and parties are just a few of the perks we’ll have for you. Check them out on the right! We would so appreciate you passing this along to your friends and family!

Special Thanks:

We wanted to take a moment to thank Alonso Velarde, Milan Lostica, Natalie Peters and Nani Stern for taking hours of video footage and audio and turning it into a meaningful and cohesive message. To all of our mentors, friends and family – thank you for your support and words of wisdom. And thank you to Rosie Wiggins for giving us this once in a lifetime opportunity!


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