WORLD LIGHT – Light Up Your World With ART

WORLD LIGHT – Light Up Your World with ART | The world map lighting that inspired by NASA Satellite images of Earth at Night from space

Having The Best Of Both World


WORLD LIGHT is a 2 in 1 decorative ambiance lighting for your space. During the day, it gives the visual impression of a detailed 3D World Map. Come nightfall, the lamp comes to life, illuminating a fabulous view of Earth at Night. 


Inspired by NASA Earth Observatory

Back in 2019, we created the NITELANDING Lamp out of the special connection we had with the view from the airplane window seat at 30,000ft.  Each time when we think about it, it brings a smile to our faces. 

Then when we looked at the sky above and wondered what is it out there in the vastness of space & how will the world look like from there? So out of curiosity, we browse through the available media on space exploration. 


 The more we see Earth’s images from NASA satellite & observatory, we felt as though we walked into the most magnificent art gallery. We then came to our realization that we’re one of this little gleam of light that this astronaut saw up there. The beautiful collective lights showed human settlements like the saying “where there is light, there is life”.

We created the ‘WORLD LIGHT’ through the eyes of the astronaut viewing Earth at night. We want you to have that same fascination as we have. 


WORLD LIGHT by Night  


satellite image from NASA Earth Observatory at night

close up view of WORLD LIGHT resembling the view of Earth at Night

What is it like to view the earth from outer space? The closest thing to experience this magical feeling is the WORLD LIGHT cozy shimmering light dot effect.

Let’s Light Up Our Space! When you lay eyes on the WORLD LIGHT, you’ll get the warmth & cozy feeling to your living space.  Especially when it’s totally dark and you lit the WORLD LIGHT in the darkness of your room. The light dot effect will give you the feeling of being out in outer space.





The light dot effect simulated Earth view at night. “Where there’s light, there’s life”




Walk into your home or office and be pleasantly greeted by the WORLD LIGHT.  Be it classic, traditional, modern, eclectic, or contemporary.  The WORLD LIGHT design will blend in seamlessly with any decor.

Beautify your home or office with this work of ART and give your space ‘the art gallery’ look.


 Display it your way


The WORLD LIGHT versatile display capability of wall hang or freestanding, lets you have a piece of mind on how to display in your decor. 


 With Precision Comes Beauty

With precision comes beauty, each artwork of the WORLD LIGHT is carefully crafted with the latest state of ART technology in forging micro details as fine as 0.6 mm. Resulting in a 3 Dimensional work of ART.

The WORLD LIGHT embodies a deep appreciation for simplistic beauty and unwavering commitment to craftsmanship.


Pick Your Style!

From raw beauty to classic style, to sleek lines, here are 4 styles to choose from!


 Geometric Wood




Geometric White 



Classic Wood



 Classic White




We want to introduce you to a modern style of World Map, blending in intricate patterns and simplicity to give you this unique look.




close up detail of the Geometric style of the world at day and world at night look




close up detail of the Classic style of the world at day and world at night look


Design Detail



Packaging Design Detail 

Our double-wall corrugated Kraft packaging has been designed to withstand high impact during transportation.  We’ve gone through several ‘drop tests’, to ensure that the items and other accessories in the packaging are well protected. 

All these thanks to the high-density foam securing the internal of the corrugated carton box, giving you peace of mind upon receiving your items. 


Product Features 


Control WORLD LIGHT From Your Fingertips

The WORLD LIGHT comes with a dimmer switch that lets you adjust your lighting in a breeze.  


A simple touch on the power icon to either switch ON/OFF.  If you want to dim the light up or down, simply press and hold it according to your most preferable setting with the step-less dimmer.

What’s great about the dimmer switch is its built-in smart memory chipset, where it intelligently recognizes your last brightness after turned OFF. Perfect for your preferred preset brightness to your bed light level before sleep!


Universal power adaptor

Each WORLD LIGHT comes with a universal power adaptor. We will also provide 4 additional changeable plugs consist of US, UK, EU, AU sockets for every set.

The new locking system makes it easy to change the plug according to the different country electrical sockets. Perfect gift for your family and friends who lives in a different country! 




We’re partnering with major shipping providers. We’ll use the most reliable delivery method that’s suitable for different countries. All orders will be shipped from Singapore with international tracking.

For domestic orders (Singapore), we’ll be using our local courier partner to deliver your orders island-wide.

** If you have selected multiple sets, the shipping cost per set will be much lesser. Please message us if you want more than 1 set, we’ll calculate the cost & shipping for you.




We’re a group of passionate designers and always dream of creating our very own product that could benefit people from all walks of life. We truly believed with the simple touch of design could make a big impact on society and let them enjoy life to the fullest. 

WORLD LIGHT is a clean & simple art that contains the spirit of our design. This project is all about helping people to light up our lively world. Together let make our world lively again!


Risks and challenges


The WORLD LIGHT was not created overnight and we’ve gone through countless prototypes of various materials, sizes and proportions. We’ve spent a tremendous amount of time refining the shape and aesthetics design so that you can own a timeless artisan piece. As we believe in the power of design and our experience in design development to reach its finest state. Rest assured that the WORLD LIGHT will be delivered to you the same quality as promised in this campaign. The only challenge for us is depending on the order quantity of the WORLD LIGHT. Despite having a plan in place to ensure a smooth delivery to you. In the event that there is a delay in the manufacturing or shipping, we promise to keep all our backers updated by completely being transparent all the way throughout the end. 


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