World’s Most Foxy Cable Organizer- Gamkki

World’s most foxy cable organizer- gamkki | Volume adaptive Versatile Cable Roller – a new dimension we’ve never seen before

Introducing “gamkki”


Cables are everywhere. All electronics and communication devices have cables. Our world is truly full of cables. Because electric power and communication are essential for our survival and civilization. Home, stores, offices, and industrial sites are full of electronics and have cable organization issues.They are in a chaotic state or are always longer unnecessarily.


Gamkki is an innovative cable roller for compact, easy, clean, and safe organization of small, short, large, or long cables.

It can serve cable bundling, rolling, and cable holding and takes a whole new ground than the cable tie through  1) flexible loop, 2) flexible body, 3) 360 ° rotating cable stretch prevention, and 4) one-touch lock/unlock system.                         



In consideration of length or thickness, bend the cable appropriately


Bend thin or short cables more to make them compact



Flexible loop & one-touch lock – Easy to lock and unlock with one hand



360° rotation – Cable loosening prevention system 
Press it to fix the cable after rolling it



Unroll(or Roll) the cables as you want and fix (lock) 


Optimized for repetitive rolling and unrolling


Versatile cable roller for compact, easy, safe, and organized storage of small, short, large, or long cables



Versatile for bundling, rolling, and holding “gamkki”



 It enables easy and safe organization, storage, and portability of cables of earphones, chargers, USB, mouse, electronics, laptops, hair dryers, beauty devices, mixers, kitchenware, 10 m coaxial cables and phone lines, power strips, electric pads, fans, heaters, air conditioners, glue guns, tools, and lights.



A new dimension we’ve never seen before                                          

World’s most effective cable organizer- gamkki


1. How to use – Rolling

Large and small cables can be rolled variably based on thickness and length


Hair dryers and 10 m coaxial cables


Chargers, USB and ear phone cables

Ultra compact organization of small or short cables



gamkki is
1) Easy to store and carry through full rolling;
2) Easy to use by rolling or unrolling; and
3) Optimized for repetitive rolling and unrolling.

It is safe to roll an electric wire on the circular shape. It is space-saving with small rolling (2~5 cm) and aesthetic with circular and organized rolling. It can be fix to the cable when not in use.

It is an innovation of organizing, carrying, and using cables for homes, stores, schools, and offices.

Electric pads, vacuum cleaners


Electronics, long or thick communication cables


Power strips, massagers






Rolling and Bundling

Flexible body

Bend and roll it based on the length or thickness of the cable.

Expansion or contraction system based on the thickness or length of the cable (variable/adaptive)

It can be adapted to the thickness or length of the cable for compact rolling (in 2~5 cm).

A remaining cable can be rolled fully or in a circle for easy storage or carrying.

Cable protection through rolling.  Compact and clean rolling.








For laptops, hair dryers, mixers, and earphones – Management of repetitively stored and carried cables.  Optimized for managing cables of laptops, monitors, PCs, TVs, and other electronics with AC and DC wires. Laptop cable is frequently carried and used, so it is easy to organize it.

It consists of large AC and smaller DC wires, and it is long and thick with a rectangular circuit in the middle, so it is not easy to organize it. Other electronic cables have the same structure.

gamkki is a volume adaptive cable roller for compact rolling of small, short, large, or long cables. It is also easy to lock and unlock after organization, making it convenient for organizing, carrying, using, and storing laptop cables.




 1) Flexible loop                                                              
      It is flexible based on the volume of the rolled cable. 
      A large cable can be inserted and fixed.

 2) One touch lock/ unlock                            

       Easy to lock and unlock with one hand. 
      Just press it to unlock.

 3) Cable loosening prevention system
       Press it to fix the cable after rolling-360° rotation 


Appearance after organization (11 kinds)

 gamkki is volume adaptive versatile cable organizer for compact, easy and safe organization of small or large cables. Large and small cables can be rolled variably based on thickness and length.



2. How to use – Bundling

*   Organization of multiple cables
*   Wall socket cables cleanup wizard

*   A double-sided sticker can be attached and fixed on the back
*   Organization and storage of cables in the rectangular corner
*   Organization and storage of cables in the circular corner



1)  Keep the loop open

2)  Insert a bundle of cable (into the loop)

3)  Press the loop to fix it (or lock)




Wall socket cable cleanup wizard

We found attaching this product to beside a wall socket very beneficial. We thought about the usage more carefully and we were quite satisfied. This product enables easy and compact organization of multiple cables connected to a wall socket.

Conventionally, we need to pull out the power plug to save the standby power of electronics connected to the outlet, and the cable is left on the ground after disconnecting the plug. Even though it does not intend to save the standby power, the plug is pulled out. If you use this product, the cable can be easily hung after being disconnected from the socket, and the plug can be easily put into the outlet, again. It is very convenient and useful.

See our video clip on YouTube.


3. How to use – Rolling + Bundling

It enables easy and safe organization of cables of TV & TV peripherals.
There are too many cables including wires, set-top cables, communication cables and internet lines, etc. They are in a chaotic state or always longer unnecessarily. Therefore there are cable organization issues. And it enables easy and safe organization of cables of PC & PC peripherals.

Organize with gamkki.

See our video clip on YouTube.


TV & TV peripherals cable cleanup wizard



4. Fix it to the cable when not in use

         (Possible printing for Gifts or art designs,on gamkki )




5. Versatile


Versatile_ CUT!

make two or three versatile rings

See the following video.




Christmas Tree  

gamkki can be used for arranging cables of Christmas trees or super-large trees or light. We make a special video clip. Please, enjoy it.


gamkki is applicable to commercial cables for standing signs; agricultural, fishing, and livestock cables for stables and greenhouses; temporary cables for construction and roadwork sites; industrial equipment cables for power tools, solder, and factory equipment; and cables for medical equipment, electric/telecommunication works, and the automotive industry.
gamkki can be a good universal promotion gift by printing a campaign on it.


It is versatile as a cable organizer as well as a rope roller, storage hanger, and hook, so we believe that consumers will create more uses.

We had guessed that this product would be used in various ways.



Furthermore, we thought that this product would be good to arrange cables used in greenhouses or strips used for plant cultivation. 

This product will be useful to arrange cables of other lamps.  



In addition to its main purposes of cable rolling and bundling, we think it can be transformed into a cable holder by attaching to a desk, bookshelf, wall, etc. or a hanger or hook by attaching to a refrigerator, kitchen wall, etc.


We also found this product would be very effective to arrange camping tent strips or hang lamps by hanging this product on the tent strips installed. 

However, we can’t know and understand all things with our experiences and knowledge. 

Please, give us your ideas.  Thank you.                   [email protected]



Assembly, disassembly and color replacement



Gamkki can be a good universal promotion gift by printing a campaign on it.




Performance and Quality Test Report

(Reliability Test Report)


This quality and performance test can be directly performed

by anybody without any equipment.

Refer to the test condition, criteria, and method in the attached test report (in-house test).

If you perform the test 10,000 times, as specified in the test report,

your arm will hurt, so try it around 300 times.

You will be convinced with this test that it will be reliable for years in your daily use.




Eco-friendly materials

RoHS(EU) satisfied  eco-friendly materials






   small bag (10 pcs)



   big bag (100 pcs)





For years, searched for resolving a problem even in dream.

Immersed ourselves in resolving the problem for 60 days and, finally resolved it at dawn. So we were able to start developing products. As shown below…


2017                 Started to develop product for mass production


Jan. 2018        Completed final test products for mass production


2018                 Continued to test, modify, test, modify again and

                          again… to prepare for its mass production


Dec. 2018        Completed readiness for the mass production


Dec. 2018        Launching INDIEGOGO


Apr. 2019        Expected to start to deliver this product



About Us



This product, born after 17 years of waiting, looks like a typical item, but a precious one.

Actually, we did not focus on this product area in the past.


We have devoted ourselves to developing and distributing an innovative product to save the standby power for the past 17 years. This is what we focus on, an energy saving power strip. We are well known for the specialization in saving the standby power in Korea and around the world. We won the Presidential Award in the Korea Patent Technology Exhibition for ‘CHECKTAP,’ a smart power strip equipped with software, and the Grand Prix in the International Exhibition of Invention Geneva, for the first time in Asia. We have certified many international electrical safety standards such as CE (Europe), ETL (U.S.), and PSE (Japan) and acquired special certificates such as WHQL (Microsoft) and several international patents. In addition, we won the Technology Grand Award of Hyundai E&C in 2017 for ‘wall-mounted automatic standby power block socket.’ Recently, we released the ‘set-top box standby power KILLER).’


Looking back into our history, we only stuck with one thing, developing standby power control technologies and distributing products with them to the world.


To let more people know our energy saving power strip, we exhibit it in about 50 international exhibitions. We exported it to about 20 nations.

For more information on our innovative energy saving products created with our devotions in sweat, blood, and tears, visit and

Search our video clip, “INCASOLUTION” on YouTube. You can see various information on us such as the Grand prix in the International Exhibition of Invention Geneva.


However, it was not easy to distribute our energy saving – green products.

It was a long and rough journey.

We devoted ourselves, our youth, enthusiasm, time, and money, to create products for 17 years.


While continuing the arduous journey, we focused on and on the development and distribution of energy saving power strips, and paid much persistent attention to general ideas on energy saving and related issues. For example, we had much interest in cable arrangement and thought about related problems and resolutions for a long time.


Multiple power cables are connected to a power strip. Thus, it needs to arrange the cables. A power strip itself has a thick and long cable so that it is not easy to arrange it. Our world is full of cables because electric power and communication are essential for our survival and civilization. However, cables are longer than we need. In addition, their length and thickness are different and the use and arrangement of cables of electronics are also different.


‘With one small device, let people more easily, neatly, and safely arrange/store/use/carry various small, short, large, or long cables of earphones, chargers, mouses/keyboards, electronics, communication devices, standing signboards, lamps, etc. It looks like a small thing, but very beneficial to the lives of people around the world.’ This proposition was always one of the thoughts in our hearts.


To implement the proposition, we started to develop the item.

However, it is not an easy way to achieve our goal.

We stayed up all night thinking about the item. Even when the dawn is breaking, we concentrated on the development of the item. Lost weight by 10 kg. Fortunately, after the development, gained weight slowly.


We were very pleased when we found a clue of an invention.

However, during the product development process that looked like easy, it was hard to have high function and quality and implement good durability. Finally, we completed the development at a price. We did not compromise with knocking items together so that it takes long time to give this product to the world. There is nothing easy.


This product is born after severe pains, and we wait for your comments on this product.


We have had a tough journey while doing our business for a long time. However, we have continued to conduct research intensely.

We have never gone back against difficulties.


There is a proverb, heaven helps those who help themselves.

We have a lot of innovative ideas.

We would like to introduce the ideas to you and receive your evaluation in the future.


We are waiting for your strict evaluation. We gently request your support for our invention to be quickly proliferated in the world.


We ask for your continuous interest and support so that small companies like us or individuals can continue to bring out creative ideas created from painstaking efforts, resulting in making contributions to the world and people.

Thank you.



Reward Fulfilment

For US fulfilment, rewards will first be sea freight from our Korea manufacturing facility to LA, California or NY warehouse and thereafter be shipped to US addresses via insured USPS Priority Mail or FedEx Ground.

US based backers are expected to receive rewards within a week from shipping from USA warehouse. 

For Rest of the World fulfilment, rewards will be air freight directly from our distribution center in Bucheon, Korea. Backers are also expected to receive rewards between 5-20 days from shipping. (Or, in case of EU fulfilment, rewards can be as follow; first be sea freight from our Korea manufacturing facility to Germany warehouse and thereafter be shipped to EU addresses. In this case, EU based backers are expected to receive rewards within  a week from shipping from our, Germany warehouse. Or, rewards can be air freight directly from our distribution center in Bucheon, Korea. In this case – within a week from shipping.)


gamkki team

[email protected] 


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