XpressHot, Instant Filtered Cold & Hot Water

XpressHot, Instant Filtered Cold & Hot Water | You’ll always have filtered cold water along with near boiling water for tea, soup and hot cereal.




Rheem was founded almost 100 years ago and in our long time in the water heating industry, we’ve stayed ahead of the curve by listening to what our customers say and making our products better with their feedback.


XpressHot brings your kitchen into the future with a new, innovative design that makes your life easier. Safe and easy to maintain, both our faucet and dispenser models produce filtered, cold, or near-boiling water on demand making cooking, brewing tea and coffee, and sanitizing your kitchen and dishes a snap!


  • Brushed Nickel & Chrome finish to seamlessly integrate into your décor
  • Safety features on both models for use around children
  • Tee connector & braided hose included in the box for easy installation
  • Created using direct feedback from customers
  • Clear display shows diagnostics, eco mode, & when your filter needs to be replaced



Made to seamlessly fit into your existing kitchen setup, XpressHot™ gives you cold or hot filtered water in an instant. All you need to do is connect it to your existing cold water connection using a simple tee connector. 


It can be used as a replacement for the kitchen faucet or simply installed into the existing soap dispenser location for easy access. Making a hot cup of tea or sanitizing your pots, pans and utensils have never been easier.


Comes in Brushed Nickel & Chrome. Colors will be picked in a survey after the campaign finishes.







When you think of all the times that you use hot water in the kitchen every day, you can also see how much time you waste waiting for water to get to just the right temperature. Whether it’s waiting for a pot to boil or for it to heat up out of your own faucet just to rinse off a dirty dish, getting hot water at the temperature that you need is always a chore.

XpressHot was born out of our own desire to streamline the process in the kitchen and we know you’ll love the results too. XpressHot gives you near-boiling**, filtered water at your desired temperature,  right from the tap. 

That means making tea, French Press coffee, and instant soup is just as fast as it sounds. And since XpressHot heats water up to 210ºF and water boils at 212ºF, you’re almost at the perfect temperature to boil pasta right from the get-go. That’s definitely going to save you time.








If you’ve ever had caked-on food or grease from baking or cooking, you know what a chore it can be to get it clean. An efficient way to clean those dirty dishes is to soak them in hot water. XpressHot to the rescue! Not only is the water hotter than your normal tap, but it’s also ready instantly for a good soak to get the gunk off.







If you’re using the XpressHot Faucet, going between hot and cold water is as intuitive as twisting the handle. If you’re using the XpressHot Dispenser, you only need to push a button.


To make sure your hot water is at the perfect temperature for your needs, just use the handy buttons on the tank display. That same display also shows diagnostics with error codes, eco mode, when your filter needs to be replaced, and the power on/off buttons – extremely intuitive design for no hassle usage.


Faucet option (as opposed to the dispenser) you can opt out of the filter, so you don’t waste the filter use on regular tap water needs. Both models of XpressHot™ also utilize lead free components, CE approved, so they’re extremely safe to use.



Got kids? It’s easy to keep them safe. If you’re using the XpressHot Dispenser, it goes into lock mode automatically after you release the hot button. When you’re ready to use the unit again, simply press the unlock button again before pressing the hot button.


If you’re using the XpressHot Faucet, just press the lock button for 3 seconds to keep the hot water secure while you’re doing other things. Then, turn it to unlock, then hold the hot button down for 3 seconds to dispense hot water.




Eco mode reduces the amount of available hot water by operating in a reduced power mode to save money on your electric bill.




The water droplet button alerts that the filter needs to be changed. It will bring you to a menu that shows days to replace the filter. Once the filter is changed, press the button to reset your filter time.





XpressHot™ was designed to not only look great with your existing decor, but to also be easily set up into your current kitchen setup in about 30 minutes or less.* Just choose between either the Integrated Faucet which replaces the kitchen faucet to provide filtered or non filtered hot or cold water or the Dispenser which replaces the soap dispenser or can sit on the counter.


All you have to do is attach the unit to your existing cold water connection using a simple tee connector. Both the  XpressHot Faucet and Dispenser tanks are connected via a simple push to connect fitting along with a small electrical connector to control the dispenser. From here you will need to plug the system into a standard wall outlet that has continuous power (not switched). 

Cold water feeds through a water filter/ conditioner and enters a stainless heater chamber and is heated to your specification utilizing precise heating technology by Rheem Labs. This water is stored and ready to dispense on demand by the counter top mechanism, alternatively fresh cold water passes through the filter and can be dispensed via selecting the cold water option.


Maintaining your unit is simple with the filter located on the front of the unit for easy replacement. You can even purchase filters directly from Rheem Labs via email or online, so reordering is a breeze.


The XpressHot is being tested in the lab as we speak. Check it out in action:















Founded in 1925, Rheem® innovates new ways to deliver precise temperatures while saving energy, water and supporting a more sustainable future. Rheem is America’s #1 water-heating brand with products available in more than 50 countries. Paloma Co., Ltd.® of Nagoya, Japan, acquired the iconic Rheem brand in 1988, and today the company’s portfolio of premium brands include Rheem®, Raypak®, Ruud®, Eemax®, Richmond®, Splendid®, Solahart®, EverHot™, Sure Comfort and Russell by Rheem as well as commercial refrigeration brands Russell®, Witt®, ColdZone® and Kramer®, which are part of the Heat Transfer Products Group (HTPG®) division.


RheemLabs™ is the research and development arm of Rheem, bringing new and innovative products to the public before they become a permanent part of the Rheem family of products.


*Tested Install time on field test installs. Install time does not include removing the existing faucet or soap dispenser. Does not include install time of electrical outlet if needed for the specific application.

**XpressHot heats water up to 210ºF. Water boils at 212ºF.

***For sanitation, hot water temperature must be maintained at not less than 171ºF (77ºC). Source: FDA Food Code 2017F

***For sanitation, the hot water temperature must be maintained at not less than 171ºF (77ºC). (Source: FDA Food Code 2017). XpressHot is already at the perfect temperature to sanitize your countertops, dishes, utensils, and anything else that needs cleaning with hot water.

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