ZBiotics: World’s 1st Engineered Probiotic

ZBiotics: World’s 1st Engineered Probiotic | Enjoy alcohol and prevent next-day misery. A real solution, built by scientists.

A Drink Before Drinking


ZBiotics™ is engineered to break down a toxic byproduct of alcohol. Drink ZBiotics before or during drinking, and feel better the next day.

It’s a toxin called acetaldehyde (not just dehydration), that causes the worst morning-after effects of drinking. Using genetic engineering, we created a probiotic bacteria that breaks down acetaldehyde. Then we put it into a drink. Here’s how to use it…


Step 1

Drink ZBiotics before drinking alcohol (or before bed).

Drink before drinking 


Step 2

Works in your gut while you drink/sleep, breaking down acetaldehyde.

Works in your gut  


Step 3

Wake up, enjoy your day!

Wake up feel good  


Science is in our DNA…

ZBiotics is the product of 2+ years of R&D by a team of PhD scientists. Since we started in 2016, our mission has remained simple: use modern biotechnology to solve everyday problems. The 1st problem we’ve tackled is feeling better after drinking. Now, our probiotic is built and ready to go.

We’re proud to say that ZBiotics is the 1st ingredient ever invented to avoid the next-day effects of drinking. And we’re even prouder to say that it’s the world’s 1st bioengineered probiotic bacteria


Enjoy life while preventing next-day misery

Grab ZBiotics and go out and live!

Enjoy that evening glass of wine without worrying about feeling it the next day.


Head out to the beach, rock your face off all day, and enjoy the next morning.

Have fun at game night or the office happy hour while staying sharp for work the next day.


Not just vitamins in a bottle. Real, hard science.

We started with a natural, probiotic bacteria found in Japanese fermented soybean food called natto. Then we altered the probiotic’s DNA so that it breaks down acetaldehyde. It does so by producing an enzyme similar to one your liver already makes…

This enzyme: called “acetaldehyde dehydrogenase”


Our probiotic is engineered to produce a lot of this enzyme directly in your gut, which is actually a huge source of acetaldehyde that your liver doesn’t have direct access to (citation).  Our engineered probiotic is meant to help clear this acetaldehyde sink as it forms, prepping you for a great next morning.

Read more about the science here.


What people are saying…


We’re excited to offer bottles of ZBiotics itself as the primary perk for backing us. Delivery is limited to the United States and is projected for February 2019. We will cover basic ground shipping for all of our backers.


For our largest backers, look forward to our exclusive 2019 ZBiotics Launch Party, happening in San Francisco early next year. More details to come, but rest assured the ZBiotics will be flowing. Just because we’re nerds doesn’t mean we don’t know how to throw a party.


Manufacturing/Fulfillment Timeline

We’ve spent over 2 years developing ZBiotics, and now we need your help. We have a real, working prototype that we need to get to market. Your support will help fund the manufacturing and commercialization of the 1st-ever genetically engineered probiotic.



Built with real science. By scientists.

We’re a team of PhD scientists and business professionals committed to solving everyday problems using genetically engineered probiotics.


Scientific Advisors




Our Story

Our story began over a decade ago, back when co-founder Zack Abbott was working at an HIV research lab. There, Zack learned about a powerful class of enzyme-based therapeutics produced using genetically engineered microbes. But he also learned that most of these therapies never reach the market, because purifying enzymes from the microbes that produce them is so expensive. The result: most of this technology remains either silo-ed in academia or selectively deployed commercially for only the most serious diseases.

But what if, Zack thought, we could move the enzyme-producing microbe into the body as a probiotic? We’d avoid the expensive purification step, and in so doing we’d be able to apply this technology to a new set of common, everyday problems. The challenge was clear: adapt this existing technology to probiotics.

In the next 6 years of his PhD, Zack studied bacterial genetic regulation and learned how to make this vision a reality. Finally, after finishing his studies and spending a year designing clinical trials, Zack founded ZBiotics in 2016.

Since then, our mission has been simple: make modern biotechnology accessible by using it to solve everyday problems. The first problem we chose was feeling better after drinking, and we’ve spent the last 2 years developing that product.

We’re proud to say that this is the 1st ingredient invented to specifically address the next-day effects of drinking.

And we’re even prouder of the fact that it’s also the world’s 1st genetically engineered probiotic.


Risks and Challenges

We’re confident that we will fulfill perks in the time specified, but there can always be unforeseen issues beyond our control, especially with the ambitious goal of launching the world’s 1st genetically engineered probiotic. If issues arise, we’ll share them with you, work through them, and keep you updated. We’ve tackled our fair share of hurdles so far, and we’re confident that we can meet whatever new challenges we face.

Here are some potential challenges, and how we are working to mitigate them:

  1. Regulations: ZBiotics will be fully compliant with all regulations by the time we ship. That compliance requires completion of a number of studies, most of which are already successfully complete. While all indications point to our remaining studies being successful, any delay could push back our time to market. We’ve mitigated this risk by engaging exceptional regulatory consultants and an experienced, certified contract research organization to design and conduct our tests.
  2. Manufacturing: We have developed a manufacturing protocol that allows us to produce our product at scale. That protocol is being upgraded to food-grade standards. If that upgrade encounters hiccups, it could delay our time to market. We are mitigating this by starting our food-grade manufacturing 6 months in advance of when we actually need product, building in time for delays.
  3. Shipping and Logistics: We will be shipping product all across the United States. We are mitigating the risk of delay-inducing complications by engaging third-party partners who have experience running direct-to-consumer distribution of consumer products. We’re already in conversations with these providers now, even though we don’t plan on shipping until January.



How is this different from all the other stuff out there?

All other products on the market today are just different mixes of the same 6-10 off-the-shelf vitamins and plant extracts. Many of these have absolutely no demonstration of efficacy or even a hypothesis as to how they could possibly help you. The trend seems to be, “let’s sweep a bunch of supplements into a bottle, make up a name for it, and try to sell it as something new.”

ZBiotics is different. We looked at one of the major known causes of morning misery – acetaldehyde buildup – and bioengineered a completely new solution from scratch! We spent 2 years in the lab genetically engineering a probiotic bacteria with the hopes that it will break down acetaldehyde in your body faster, thus actually addressing the root cause of some of the worst next-day effects of alcohol! Literally no one else can say this. We invented our product specifically for this purpose, and we’ve patented it.

In addition, our product uses a completely new technology! When we launch, we will be literally the 1st genetically engineered probiotic to ever hit the market. This is brand new, and we think it has huge potential. We are extremely excited not just for this product, but for all the other things we think we can do with this technology!

How do you take it?

ZBiotics comes as probiotic suspended in water. It can be stored at room temperature – no refrigeration necessary. It works while you sleep, so you take it during a night of drinking. We’ve found it works best when taken early in the day or night, before the first drink. But it should be effective when taken anytime before bed.

What’s acetaldehyde? And what about dehydration?

Drinking water is definitely a good practice while drinking. But believe it or not, it’s not just dehydration that’s responsible for the next-day effects of drinking alcohol. In fact, there is some really cool scientific research showing that none of the markers of dehydration correlate with hangover severity: check it out

And this makes sense. If dehydration was all there was to it, a glass of water in the morning would make you 100%. But we all know from experience that the effects of drinking can persist well into the day and be much more severe.

Some of these all-day effects are actually caused by accumulation of a toxic byproduct of alcohol metabolism called acetaldehyde. See more information on the effects of acetaldehyde here and here. Unfortunately, your body breaks down this toxin slowly, but that’s where ZBiotics comes in! We invented a probiotic bacteria engineered to break down that toxin faster, turning it into a harmless molecule called acetate (essentially vinegar).

Having responsible and healthy drinking habits – like drinking water, drinking in moderation, and not drinking on an empty stomach – are all important. ZBiotics is there to help you with that last piece of the puzzle, the acetaldehyde toxicity.

Any peer-reviewed studies yet?

ZBiotics breaks down acetaldehyde in a test tube (in vitro). Our hypothesis is that it does the same thing in the body, and while we have a number of reasons to believe that hypothesis (extensive informal testing on ourselves and some excited volunteer friends), we have yet to prove it in a marketable clinical trial.

That said, we are in the process of writing up a couple papers for submission to peer-reviewed scientific journals. We’re finalizing data on the genetic engineering perspective of what we have done for publication shortly, and we are developing a clinical trial with our advisor, Dr. Joris Verster, to generate marketable efficacy data for publication soon after. As we learned when Zack designed clinical trials for drug companies, however, such trials can take substantial amounts of time and expense. We want to get ZBiotics into your hands to let you experience its efficacy for yourself as soon as possible. That’s why we’re moving to market as early as we can, even as we prepare our formal study. As soon as we have the results from our first trials, we’ll be excited to share them! 

Will ZBiotics affect my level of intoxication?

No. ZBiotics will not impact your level of intoxication. Please drink responsibly. All the same rules about alcohol safety apply. ZBiotics was built to help you celebrate in moderation.

Does taking ZBiotics let you drink more?

No. Alcohol is dangerous on its own, and ZBiotics will not impact the harmful effects of intoxication on the body. Also, ZBiotics is not about binge-drinking. It’s about having a fun, healthy night out without worrying about the next morning.

How is ZBiotics regulated?

We are testing ZBiotics to make sure that it is 100% safe before releasing it to the market. That means ZBiotics will be compliant with all U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements related to food safety. It will not be approved as efficacious in any way by FDA. FDA approval is reserved for drugs.

Wait, I thought alcohol was broken down by your liver, and probiotics only stay in your intestines… How could this help?

We actually get this question a lot. A bit of the science for those folks who are keen on digging into this at a deeper level:

A key piece of the puzzle to understanding ZBiotics is that the colon itself is in fact a huge sink and source of acetaldehyde. 

In fact, while blood acetaldehyde concentrations are at around 70-80µM after a night of heavy drinking, colonic acetaldehyde concentrations can reach as high as 300-400µM. This is somewhat because small amounts of acetaldehyde produced in the liver gets into your blood and then diffisues into the colon, but more importantly (and interestingly!) there is a fair bit of de novo synthesis of acetaldehyde in the gut by intestinal epithelial alcohol dehydrogenases and by your microbiome in response to alcohol consumption (here’s one citation from peer-reviewed literature, but there are many: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8811162?dopt=Abstract). 

So our hypothesis was that if we can drain this huge sink of acetaldehyde in the colon, not only can we draw more acetaldehyde out of the blood and into the colon by creating a concentration gradient, we can also prevent colon-derived acetaldehyde from diffusing OUT of the gut and raising your blood acetaldehyde.

So, in short, the enzymes our bacteria are making have access to their substrate (acetaldehyde) directly in the colon, circumventing the need for enzyme to be somehow secreted from the bacteria and absorbed into the bloodstream.

How can I help spread the word?

Ask your friends to help support us by sharing the link to this page! Make sure to check out our referral program so that you’re eligible for our referral perks. Also, feel free to follow/share the campaign on social media. Links below:

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[email protected]


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